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Beauty products I loved in 2017

EN: Helloooo 2018! Happy new year everybody! You know wha this means? It's my anual Best of the year product review- favourites - thingy. You knooooooow all bloggers do it, so it would be rude for me not to do my part. Soooo let's get started!

The best Christmas in festive London

My Favourite Autumn/Winter Make up Look| PS Kate (Video)

An Autumnal Weekend Getaway

The Mustard Jacket| Autumn Fashion

Hello Autumn

Testing Kiko Cosmetics | VIDEO

When in Rhodes |Summer 2017

EN: Hello there!! Long time no see!! But I have a good excuse! Last week I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Island of Rhodes. So, my friends I have collected a fair amount of photos to show you and take you along my trip and show you some of the places I visited! Let's get started!!